Innovate in care and research in dermatology

The fondation

Our mission is to improve the quality of care by developing international actions bringing together dermatologists, researchers, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and health authorities.

Our actions are aimed in particular at improving the management of patients with rare skin diseases or chronic inflammatory skin diseases: continuing education, prevention, treatment, research, and networking.

Our activites

Treating chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Chronic inflammatory skin diseases affect 2-4% of the world's population.

Treating rare skin diseases. There are more than 600 rare skin diseases. In Europe, a disease is said to be rare when it affects 1 person in 2000.

Train healthcare professionals. A network of experts regularly updates the first online therapeutic book available free of charge and dedicated to the treatment of skin diseases.

Support research to find new treatments. A network promoting therapeutic progress by helping to develop international research collaborations.

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The skin is an organ of relationship, your skin is your image. The skin is the first organ affected by poverty. Skin diseases cause social exclusion. Show your solidarity by becoming a partner.

Our expertise


Develop the training of healthcare professionals, researchers, students.


Support international collaborations between dermatologists, researchers, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, health authorities, around the unmet needs of patients.


Supporting research to find new treatments and improve the early diagnosis of skin diseases.


Improve access to care for patients with rare skin diseases or chronic inflammatory skin diseases.

Global participation and collaboration

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Disseminating information and sharing knowledge

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Training and education of professionals

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The Fondation René Touraine (FRT) is a European non-governmental, non-profit organization. The purpose of the Fondation René Touraine is to support therapeutic progress in dermatology through actions bringing together dermatologists, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and health authorities.