Volunteer -
The fondation René Touraine has been welcoming civic service volunteers since 2011

This experience allows young volunteers to:

  • Discover the world of health, international cooperation and the functioning of a foundation recognized of public utility
  • Contribute to the development of activities aiming at improving the training of caregivers and the care provided to patients, and at supporting research
  • Raise public awareness of skin diseases
  • Think about their professional project

A flagship action developed with the support of civic services


  • Since 2015, the Fondation René Touraine has been organizing, with the support of civic service volunteers, a drawing contest to raise public awareness of rare skin diseases and the difficulties encountered by patients. The drawing contest is an international event open to all!
  • Since 2021, the winners’ drawings have been exhibited at the IMAGINE Institute of the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital. You can find all the information and the beautiful drawings on https://thestoryofmyskin.wordpress.com/


Assisted by civic service volunteers since 2011:

  • Gloria ANDRAWOS 
  • Mahé CAUCHARD 
  • Matthis CAUCHARD 
  • Marianne CHARAMON 
  • Aurélie COLLOMB 
  • Laurianne DAGBA 
  • Jennifer DURAND 
  • Marion ESCAFIT 
  • Tamara FADUL 
  • Thibault GRIMALDI 
  • Joanne HELLAL 
  • Marguerite LABBAYE 
  • Justine LEMOINE 
  • Ariane PINGLIER 
  • Clara POYARD 
  • Nicolas RAJON 
  • Mathilde ROUSSEAUX 
  • Gabrielle SOULARD 
  • Pauline TRANCART 


Only for French people: if you are interested, submit your application www.service-civique.gouv.fr